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  • Article: Apr 16, 2015

    Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg will issue a stark warning that BLUKIP, an alliance of right wing Tories, UKIP, and the DUP, could hold the balance of power after the election.

    Fears have already been raised about the prospect of a Labour-SNP coalition that would threaten our economic stability with excessive borrowing and put the future of the United Kingdom in the balance.

  • key_nick_classroom.jpg
    Article: Apr 15, 2015

    The Liberal Democrats have released their 2015 General Election manifesto, describing it as a 'manifesto with opportunity at its heart'.

    The 33,000 word document is a detailed and credible plan to build both a stronger economy and a fairer society.

    The manifesto includes:

    ·Opportunity for children: with investment in education from nursery to 19 and qualified teachers in every classroom

  • key_nick-school-children.jpg
    Article: Apr 15, 2015

    The Liberal Democrat manifesto puts opportunity at its heart and sets out a plan to ensure every child has a world-class education.

    The party has announced a major new commitment to protect education funding for every child.

    This means protecting education spending per pupil in real terms over the next parliament, increasing the education budget as a whole.

  • key_nick-vaisakhi.jpg
    Article: Apr 14, 2015

    Liberal Democrat Leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said:

    "I would like to send my very best wishes to Sikh communities in the UK, India and around the world as you mark the festival of Vaisakhi and the birth of the Khalsa.

    "Towns and cities all over Britain will be enriched by the spectacular colour and energy of the magnificent celebrations that will soon fill our streets.

  • key_conservative-manifesto-smokescreen.jpg
    Article: Apr 14, 2015

    The Conservatives may have published their manifesto, but that doesn't mean they've told people what they're planning to do.

    In fact they've repeatedly refused to say where cuts will come from, including £12bn cuts to welfare, leaving many people uncertain about how badly they will be affected.

    All we know is their ideological obsession with cutting the size of the state will hit working families the hardest.

  • key_house.jpg
    Article: Apr 14, 2015

    Liberal Democrats have announced plans to build 300,000 more homes a year and ensure everyone has a decent place to live.

    The manifesto plans announced by Nick Clegg include:

    • Bringing forward at least 10 new garden cities in England providing tens of thousands of high quality new homes.
    • Direct government commissioning of private house building to ensure houses are built at sufficient speed and have proper infrastructure and services.
    • A new Housing Investment Bank to provide long term capital for major new developments.
    • New Rent to Own homes where your monthly payments steadily buy you a stake in your house.
    • New Help to Rent scheme to help millions of young people put down a deposit to rent their first property.
  • Article: Apr 13, 2015

    The Liberal Democrats have launched a package of measures to shift the balance of power back in favour of consumers and commuters to ease the cost of living and save families hundreds of pounds a year. Our "Five Point Plan" comes on the back of the Lib Dem Digital Rights Bill that provides compensation for consumers who have their data misused online.

  • Article: Apr 13, 2015

    Nick Clegg has urged Labour to come clean about their plans to tackle the deficit, challenging Ed Miliband and Ed Balls to 'name the date' they will balance the books.

    It comes a day after the Liberal Democrats set out - in unprecedented detail - how they will get to grips with the current budget deficit and pay for their spending commitments.

  • borrow-less-cut-less.jpg
    Article: Apr 12, 2015

    The Liberal Democrat plan to balance the books is one with a "heart as well as a brain."

    Nick Clegg will spell out in detail how the Liberal Democrats will deal with the country's deficit by setting out who is going to be asked to contribute more and where cuts will fall.

    Ahead of the party's manifesto launch on Wednesday, Nick will present a challenge to Labour and the Conservatives to match the Liberal Democrat commitment to be open and honest with the British public about what is necessary to deal with the deficit fairly by 2017/18.

  • Mock Conservative Poster featuring David Cameron
    Article: Apr 11, 2015

    As the Conservatives announce yet another unfunded spending commitment in this election campaign, on thing has become crystal clear: the Tories are trying to pull the wool over people's eyes when it comes to funding public services.

    The latest so-called "commitment" to give extra funding to the NHS has been widely criticised as the Conservatives simply won't spell out how they are going to pay for it. As Nick Clegg said, "the NHS doesn't need warm words, it needs hard cash".

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