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The Week in Politics: 19th-25th August 2017

August 25, 2017 4:18 PM
Condemning Donald Trump, calling out yet more Brexit Chaos, ganging up on Jeremy Hunt with Stephen Hawking, it's been another busy week for your Liberal Democrat team - find out what they've been up to here:

The Week in Politics - Jo Swinson and Vince CableIt's been another busy week for Lib Dem MPs and campaigners. Here's what we've been up to, in case you missed it...

Saturday 19th August

Tim Farron joins Stephen Hawking and an army of twitter users in attacking Jeremy Hunt for cherry-picking his data to back up an ideological view of how a service should be provided.

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And we caught up on the best bits from Vince Cable's Q&A with Members in Edinburgh.

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Sunday 20th August

Tom Brake, our Brexit spokesperson, attacked the Government for producing "fantasty wishlists" and demanded they get serious about negotiations before we sleepwalk into a "no-deal" scenario that would be the worst of all worlds.

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Tamara - and more than 150 others joined the Liberal Democrats over the weekend! Be part of our team - join today!

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Monday 21st August

A decade on from the financial crash that destroyed Britain's economy, Vince Cable, our leader and renowned economist warns of complacency in the financial sector.

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Tuesday 22nd August

Norman Lamb called out Jeremy Hunt for completely failing to deliver the additional 5,000 GPs he'd pledged.

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A our Deputy Leader, Jo Swinson took the Government to task over their quick support for Trump's Afghanistan - and their quivering indecision over condemning him after Charlottesville, Paris or any of the other awful things he's managed to "accomplish" in the last 200 days.

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And in an interview, Vince Cable re-iterated our plan to break the grip of criminal gangs and protect young people by introducing a legal, regulated market for cannabis.

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Wednesday 23rd August

Tom Brake attacked Theresa May's Government for producing a position paper, entirely without a position. Catch up on the latest of the Government's fantasy plans for Brexit:

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And we reminded Aussies lviing in the UK to register for their Equal Marriage referendum!

Thursday 24th August

Layla Moran took the Government to task for using Students as Guinea Pigs.

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Latest emigration figures showed that Brexodus has begun. The number of EU citizens leaving Britain is skyrocketing - and that's entirely down to Theresa May refusing to guarantee their #RightToStay

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Oh - and Tara and dozens of others joined the party as well! Our Membership department will be happy. One more way to make them happy is join today - for just £1. They're nice people, put a smile on their face and stand up for what you believe in:

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Friday 25th August

After Boris Johnson FINALLY condemned Trump's support for white nationalists after #Charlottesville (I mean, seriously, it's been like two weeks), Jo Swinson called on him to show he's not kow-towing to Trump and scrap his totally inappropriate state visit.

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