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It's time to Take London Forward

April 16, 2021 8:00 AM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

Today, I'm delighted to be launching the Liberal Democrat manifesto to Take London Forward.

I will be laying out some of the big changes that are part of my plan, including:

Embracing changes brought about by the pandemic:

What would have been ten years of steady change has been accelerated in a year by the pandemic.

The rise of online shopping. The shift towards homeworking. What would have been ten years of steady change has been accelerated in a year by the pandemic.

So we face a choice. Do we try to reverse these big changes? Run promotional campaigns telling people to get back to the office?

Or do we embrace change? Make a plan for it and make it work for Londoners.

A plan for a new Flexible Travel Card:

The Liberal Democrats will move with the times, introducing a flexible travel card.

The office isn't dead, the daily commute is. So why is it that the shortest travel card we can currently get is a seven-day pass?

The Liberal Democrats will move with the times,introducing a flexible travel card.

This will give Londoners the option of buying a four-day pass, saving flexible workers £520 a year and making it more affordable for them to work in the office when they need to.

Converting offices to homes:

If people are spending less time in the office, then businesses are inevitably going to see it as an opportunity to reduce the space they need.

This is a once in a generation opportunity to finally fix our housing crisis. More of the same won't do.

We must challenge ourselves to convert these spaces into quality, affordable, zero-carbon homes.

Rejecting the Silvertown Tunnel on environmental grounds:

The Liberal Democrats will say no to the Silvertown Tunnel.

It's the Mayor's dirty little secret… an expensive, polluting new road project that will drive a hole through our zero-carbon ambitions and take funds away from public transport projects we need.

The Liberal Democrats will say no to the Silvertown Tunnel. No to building more polluting roads. And back investment in clean, green public transport projects.

We can make our streets safer again.

Bringing back proper Community Policing:

The current Mayor has closed half the police stations in London. We will call a moratorium on police station closures and look to reopen as many of the over 30 closed police stations as communities demand.

By doubling the number of neighbourhood police officers, reopening police stations closed by Sadiq Khan, and putting the focus on building relationships in the community, we can make our streets safer again.

We must bring back proper community policing, where officers are visible, trusted and known personally to local people.

We have a Mayor who has wasted his five years in office, seeking re-election on the basis that he's not the Conservative candidate.

London is a vibrant, diverse, liberal city. The Conservatives can't win here.

So if you feel let down by Labour and the current Mayor, send them a message. Tell them you want more. Tell them you want change. Tell them you want something better.

London needs a plan for its future.

The Liberal Democrat plan to Take London Forward embraces change and puts jobs, homes and clean air at the heart of our recovery.#Luisa4London

- Luisa Porritt (@LuisaPorritt) April 15, 2021